Use Customized Poker Chips At Your Next Trade Show And Be A Hit

If you have been to one trade show you have been to them all. Everyone has a flashy booth. Everyone has some little knickknack or kitsch they drop in your goody bag. Everyone wants you to drop their business card in their fish bowl to win a prize. They produce all the flash of the show to make you remember their product or service. All their toys and give-aways are designed to be impressive and used after you leave the show. But the pens get tossed into a drawer, the note pads get stuck with the rest of them from the last show, and the stress toys go on a shelf to gather dust. Nothing sticks around, but a customized poker chip is something that is unusual and is just fun to hold that will be around for a while.

Customized casino weight poker chips are inexpensive, fun items to give away at trade shows. Something with a lot of color like a customized poker chip that is small enough to fit in the pocket will be the item everyone fights to get more of at the show. Bring enough so every visitor can have five to ten and they will hand them out after the show for you. Customized poker chips will go back to the office and get passed out, used at home for poker night for years to come, and be a lasting investment in your company’s advertising dollar. After all, isn’t longevity the one thing everyone strives for in the market place when they advertise something? Customized poker chips with your company’s logo on them is just the thing.
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Customized Poker Chips

There are so many people these days that like to get together with their friends and family at home for a fun night of friendly gambling with games such as poker. It would be a lot of fun to further customize the experience the experience and get your very own customized poker chips so that your friends and family can feel like they have entered your very own private casino. You can get them made any way that you want as far as colors and emblems go. There are also a lot of cool fonts and such that you can have printed on them to simulate what it is like in Vegas.

Collecting Swords

Perhaps you have always found it cool that a warrior has to fight his battles up close and not from the barrel of a gun. Swords are a weapon that requires the person holding the weapon to personally deliver the blow to the opponent. Unlike guns, which can be fired at a long distance, it is impossible to wield a strike to another with a sword from such a distance. Because of this phenomenon, many people enjoy collecting swords. But where can one find this piece of weaponry? Visiting your local weapon store is a start. This individuals may then refer you to other locations where you might find what you are looking for. More info: swords for sale

Collecting Medieval Armor

Collecting medieval armor can be a great hobby and pose quite a bit of fun for the collector. If you are into nostalgic items such as these then why not look into collecting them. Many pieces of medieval armor replicas can be purcahsed and modest prices in shops across the country. As well, online auction houses are also an exceptional place to go medieval armor shopping. This great hobby can also be lucrative if you are frugal in purchase and demanding on resell. No matter your motivation the collecting of medieval armor is a trip through history and a great way to take part in keeping history alive.

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